Written by: Morgan, Founder and Creative Director

Silence. It can be found in the noisiest of places. The deafening places where you don’t know if it’s the music or simply your mind exploding inside your head. Silence is a state of mind. It’s when all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, plans, and words somehow get sucked right out of you and dissolve somewhere into space. It’s when you stand there with your hands in your pockets, staring at a wall without a clue that time is still passing. Silence is the ticking of a clock that stops moving. It’s stuck at 11:08 but you hear it. You hear it continue on and on and on because your mind is blank and there is nothing else to fill the space between you and the wall you’re continually staring at…

Silence is good.

Silence is defeating.

Silence is everything in between.

But silence is a choice. Though it may seem as though involuntarily your mind flat-lines and there is no blood pumping through your veins, this is actually proven to be given to you. You are able to say yes or no. It is that many times, subconsciously, our minds say yes before we get a chance to reply. But it is a choice.

Silence ends the moment someone else sits on us, suffocates us, tells us this is something we cannot share. No one can lie there while being suffocated, perfectly still with no noise coming from their mouths. The body becomes primal, it thrashes, it screams, it makes a fuss because the body wants to live. Tell us we cannot speak and we will. Tell us we cannot and we will. We will. We will. We will because our silence is a choice and that choice cannot be made by someone outside of us.

Women are a force. Their silence can come together and create an explosion of stories strong enough to create a tornado of chaos attacking those who try to take our choices away. Silence is a choice. Perpetrators don’t get to make it. We make it. We choose it. And even when we choose it, it sends out a ripple effect that eventually swallows those hurting us and sends out a thundering noise as they are digested. The noise screams, “we are not yours to own!” And suddenly there are thousands standing behind us screaming the same things. We are a force. We are a powerhouse. Even in our silence, there is a deafening noise to be heard.

Silence is a choice and many of us are sick of having to choose it over and over again. It’s like gripping too tight on a bowling ball soaked in oil. Impossible and exhausting. One by one the bowling balls are being dropped. The noise is unreal. The noise reverberates across states, countries, continents, the world. The noise is a force. The noise is a revolution.

The noise is the choice to break the silence.

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