Body Image Healing Retreat 

Hello friends, Over the week I connected with an amazing individual named Brandilyn Tedo who is working to reshape the ways we define beauty. You can read about her story at 

Anyways, Brandilyn is hosting a women’s body image retreat in Southern California September 9-11. The retreat includes coaching, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic meals and journaling and dance exercises. Here is a link for the retreat:

I know I said I would be off of social media for July, and I will be after I first tell you about this awesome opportunity that Brandilyn is offering Unpolished Journey followers. She is offering a $125 discount for the retreat to each of my followers making the total for the weekend $250. The promo code is “Unpolished”. 

Also, If anyone feels like they would benefit from this but can not afford it scholarships are available so please reach out. 

I think this could be a great way to connect with your mind, body, and spirt. Think about joining Brandilyn on this amazing journey and spread the word to anyone you feel could benefit from this opportunity. I know I am!